Tentative Details


As of 1/6…page will be updated as specifics become more clear. NOTE: Important thing for right now is the overall timing. We may blow up these details and suggest a different itinerary.


Overall Timing

Broadly, we’re thinking ~a full week’s worth of time in Scotland. We’d start with a couple days in Edinburgh to see the city and then venture north to the Highlands ~5 days (likely somewhere around Inverness).

General window: Thu, 11/7 - Fri, 11/15

Hopefully we’ll have a more specific sense of timing and activities here soon, but you can generally imagine us being there much of that week (the week of 11/10) and the weekend prior.

To Be Decided

Lots of things! Like…

  • Full count of folks who are coming.

  • Lodging situations (in Edinburgh and the Highlands).

  • Where exactly we’ll stay in the Highlands. Could be north or a bit south of Inverness.

  • When folks will arrive & depart.

  • Transportation options (e.g., getting to Inverness, renting a car, etc.).

Edinburgh for 2 Days

~Fri, 11/8 - Sun, 11/10

  • Couple of days to walk around and see the city

  • Likely individually booked accommodations, but we’ll see about pinpointing a central hotel

  • We’d then hop a train and head north (to Inverness)


Travel to Inverness/Highlands

(There looks to be a few options to travel north, but the train could be fun. Train is ~1hr more than driving.)


Highlands for 5 Days

~Sun, 11/10 - Thu, 11/14 (or Fri)

  • Hunker down in a group house (hopefully) for the week somewhere around Inverness.

  • Visit distilleries! (many look to be ~60mins from Inverness…so proximity will depend on where we end up staying.